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Sexy...Brave...Beautiful....just the way you are!

Our sole mission of Christi Lawrence Photography is to empower women to feel sexy, brave, and beautiful in their own skin. So often our lives always seem to revolve around caring for someone other than ourselves. It’s time to take a day to reconnect with yourself and be reminded of the gorgeous woman you are.  After years of photographing women to feel empowered in their skin, I continue to learn from each client how transformational this experience can be in your self-love journey! A good boudoir experience is all about allowing yourself to see your body in a new light, empowering yourself, gaining confidence and falling in love with the body you are in now. 

What Are Clients Saying?

"This experience filled me with so much joy, confidence and motivation. I feel joy at the love and care I was shown throughout this entire experience. I feel confidence by stepping out of my comfort zone despite my insecurities." - Carrie

"I wanted to do a boudoir shoot because after having a baby I’ve never felt as bad about my physical appearance as I do now. I wanted to feel empowered in my postpartum body. I wanted to shut off that voice in my head that kept reminding me  what I don’t like about my physical appearance. During the shoot I completely forgot about my insecurities. It was fun, tasteful and I definitely left feeling like a beautiful woman again."- Tyra

"I was so nervous at first! I didn't know what to do. This was an entire new experience. Way out of my comfort zone. Honestly, it takes a special person to make someone feel as comfortable and relaxed like Christi did. The encouragement and positivity throughout the entire session was amazing! She is so talented with that camera! Your comfort and enjoyment is a priority to her. TRUST me when you get to view your photos, It is like..... That is me? I cannot believe I have so many photos to choose from and cannot decide what I want to keep the most! That becomes the new/ happy struggle. I became so happy and in love with myself again. I was like okay, queen. You look good! It really felt nice to feel that way (I think every woman should feel that way). "-Michelle

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